Before you straighten your hair at home, you need to prep your hair. Pollution, grease, various styling products, and dirt make your hair frizzy and unmanageable. Therefore, you need to wash your hair before straightening it.

Use a hydrating and nourishing shampoo to make your hair soft. Before you apply the flat iron to your hair, make sure your hair is dry. Do not use a hair straightener on wet hair. It can generate steam and make your hair to damage.

Choosing the right type of hair straightener is as important as preparing your hair for the straightening method. You can check the best hair straightener of 2021 here.

While buying prefer a straightener that contains ceramic film, it provides hairs with extra shine and makes them healthy.

Irons having two plates is best for every type of hair.


Towel dry your hair after washing it and follow with a blow-dry. When drying the hair, do it from the roots to the tips.

Comb your hair well and detangle it. This is the first step of hair straightening.

The next step is to apply a heat protection spray/mist to protect your hair from the damage caused due to heat. If you don’t have the mist you can apply Aloe vera gel.

After that divide your hair into two equal parts for perfect straightening.

Clip up the section of hair you are not straightening.

Set the temperature of the straightener depending upon the length of hairs or follow the manual book.

Leave the hairs an inch from the roots and start straightening from upwards to downwards direction.

Repeat the method for each section.

Enjoy looking at your straight and sleek hairs in the mirror.


Always ensure your straightener is well maintained and clean up properly like other machines.

Dust tends to hamper the heat and can affect the results and also remains the hairs clumped together.

Comb or brush the hair well before and during straightening, if your hairs are curly then combing will give a good result.

Always use the brush with the best bristles to soften your hair.


After you’re finished blow-drying and flat-ironing your hair, you can apply a ton of styling products to help keep your look in place and add a little shine. But when it comes to styling products, a little goes a long way. If you want to use a serum, apply a little amount from your mid-lengths to your ends. Don’t apply anything to your roots, since they can easily start to look greasy and unclean.

If your hairs are curly blow dry them well on the minimum and normal heat  for best results

Any chemical process is going to cause damage to your hair.

Don’t put any accessories in your hair. This is very important because your hair is still “setting” for 72 hours and any repeated or forceful binding of your hair can cause kinks and bends to stay permanently.

Do not use anti-dandruff shampoo rather prefer to using natural oils.

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