Best Curling Iron for Short Hair 2021[ Curlers for Short Hair]

Did you go through a rebellious phase and cut your long hair or were just sick of the long strands and wanted a change but now you don’t have any idea on how to style it? Now that’s a dilemma we live for! But with the best curling iron for short hair, this problem can be solved quite easily.

Styling short hairs can be a tricky business especially if you don’t have any resources to start with. Styling also involves curling. So, if you have no idea how to curl those short beautiful strands then the perfect solution for that is buying a curling iron for short hair.

Trust us to buy this appliance for it will be the one decision you ever regret in your life. Say goodbye to the awful bed head that is a pain to tame and introduce yourself to the world of best curling irons/wands 2021. These beauties will enhance your styling and get you stylish curly looks without even putting in much effort. Those tight, defined short-hair curls are going to make you fall in love with the world of hair appliances. And you’d never want to go back to those dreadful mornings where your hair refused to cooperate and you had no choice but to work/school looking like a deranged person.

In this article, we’ve collected all the best curling iron for short hair in 2021 that will enhance the curling process.

Taking care of your hair

Wherever you purchase your products and whatever hairstyling tools you use over your hair you need to make sure you’re using the right products. These things can play a huge part in making your hair stand out among others. But before you do this, one thing you need to understand is the importance of using hair care products over your hair precious mane. These products can not only enhance the shine and glow that your hair will emit but will also perform well in regards to any hairstyle you get after taking care of your hair.

There are some tips that can help you understand the way you take care of your hair and use products to nourish it well.

Refer an expert:

Before you use any products over your hair make sure that you take the advice of an expert because it is pretty obvious that an expert would know more about your hair than you probably do. Whatever tools you use, you should first refer to a stylist so that you don’t do any damage to your strands.

Using the best:

Always consider using conditioners and oils that come from high-quality brands or product lines. Your short curly hair will look best after you prim it with some oils that can enhance the shine and glow within the strands achieving that bouncy wavy look you’ve been wanting. The oil will thoroughly moisturize your hair, leaving out all the dryness. It is also good if you choose a shampoo and conditioner combo that will work greatly to provide health and nourishment to your locks.

Don’t touch it:

When you’re priming your hair for curling, it is better if you are thoroughly clean and wash out all the dirt. After doing this you need to make sure that you either let it air dry or use a hairdryer with a diffuser to dry out the wet strands. Due to this your hair will style in a better way and have a healthy glow to it. But all of this might not work if you keep touching your hair in the process. Touching can lead to a lot of mess and make the whole curly look extremely rowdy and unruly.

Hair treatment:

This part doesn’t involve any high-maintenance activities but simply focuses on the pre-shampooing treatment where you fully brush your hair and detangle all the strands making them softer and healthier to handle. This will give you a clear path to completely shampoo your hair so that you don’t leave out anything in the process. Then make sure to use a conditioner over it to make the hair super soft and shiny.

Don’t shampoo too much:

If you don’t have straight hair then you shouldn’t use shampoo frequently as it will stretch out the strands and dry out the ends. It is noted that you should still use conditioner over your hair even if you don’t shampoo it. It will leave the strands looking more alive than they were before.

How one can curl short hair:

Curling short hair can be a tricky business as the short locks are hard to catch on the curling iron. If you figure out the best way to curl short hair then you’re set for life. Firstly, as it is mentioned a few times, wash your hair all over since short hair gives more room for bounciness and shine. When your hair’s 90% dry, apply a serum or any hair oil to moisturize and prim the strands for styling. Use a heat protectant spray all over your hair so that there’s no damage to the strands.

But before you do these steps make sure that you part your hair into sections first. Parting them will make the process easier. Twirl each part over a 1.25’’ barrel until every section is curled. The last step is quite crucial as it will create your whole look; this is done by letting your fingers go through the strands to shake out the curls. Lift up your hair by mussing up the look from the roots. All of these actions will enhance your curls and give them more volume. If it is hard for your hair to handle the curls then you can finish the look by using a little hairspray over them for the setting.

Top 9 Best Curling Iron for Short Hair Reviews

We have collected the 9 best curling iron for short hair that will give you an incredible time with your beautiful hair!

NameRatingCheck Price
Remington CI9538 Pro⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
NUME Octowand⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Small Barrel⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Paul Mitchell⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

1. Remington CI9538 Pro 1″-1.5″- Best Curling Iron for Short Hair

Remington CI9538 Pro 1"-1.5"- Best Curling Iron for Short Hair

Looking for the best curling iron for short hair perfect in every way? Well, seek no more because Remington has manufactured one of the best curling irons for short hair. The flawless design with the perfectly sized barrel for short hair is quite effective.

It is durable and has a long-lasting styling effect. The pearl ceramic technology with all the other benefits makes the whole curling experience exceptionally great for everyone.

The packaging also comes with a heat protectant glove that protects you from any burn

ng damages to your hands. These safe and secure bonus accessories make this appliance one of the greatest innovations of all.


  • The 1 ½ inch conical barrel makes the whole experience incredible for styling, it catches onto the short strands, curling them quickly within a few seconds.
  • The professional pearl ceramic technology reduces any damages that are formed by the curling iron.
  • The ceramic coating is another addition to the amazing features which evenly distributes heat to all parts of your hair.
  • The highest temperature that a curling iron can go up to is 410 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • It only takes 30 seconds for the curling iron to get ready for styling.
  • The digital controls are quite convenient for styling as well.
  • The grip is so good that won’t ever feel tired of handling it.
  • There are many wide varieties of heat settings present in the curling iron.
  • The digital controls are an incredible bonus addition to the appliance.
  • It takes great care of your hair without doing any damage to the strands.
  • The appliance doesn’t work well at 220 volts.


2. Ghd- Professional Hair Curling Iron

ghd- Professional Hair Curling Iron

This is a tool that is solely made for short hair; it will get any short hair hairstyle that you once thought would be impossible to create. The chunky, messy curls that might have not worked on short hair are now looking great on your short strands, thanks to the ghd curling iron.

With a little twist and turn you will get the recipe of natural long-lasting curls created without much effort.

The lively results will keep you satisfied for a very long time and won’t let you stray towards any other curling iron.


  • This professional curling iron has a tapered barrel that helps in creating bouncy, voluminous curls.
  • The optimum temperature is 365 degrees that are perfect for creating curls without damaging your precious strands.
  • It has a unique ultra-zone technology that maintains the optimum temperature over each part of your hair.
  • The round barrel is 1.5’’ and has an oval-shaped tip of 1’’. These structures assist you in getting any look you want.
  • It is best manufactured for short hair.
  • It is manufactured for your use and convenience.
  • The design also consists of a lever that holds the hair in place.
  • A cool tip is present as well that makes sure you don’t burn your hand.
  • It has tri-zone technology for an even styling method.
  • There is an automatic sleep mode where the appliance turns off after 30 minutes of no use.
  • The barrel might be a bit larger for short hair.


3. BaBylissPRO- Curlers for Short Hair

BaBylissPRO- Curlers for Short Hair

Do you want the best future curls ever? Made with exceptional quality and enhanced working style, the curling iron will never disappoint you in the least. The advanced technology lets you create defined curls that last for a long time.

The nano titanium is one of the best conductors of heat and manages high amounts of temperatures throughout the heating process.

The far-infrared heat reaches all the important parts of your hair making the whole experience best for styling.


  • The sol-gel technology gives the smoothest and shiniest results of all.
  • The curling iron has 50 heat settings.
  • The highest temperature that the iron can go up to is 450 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The turbo button gives the curling iron a high boost of heat.
  • The cord is 8 ft. long which makes the whole experience tangle-free and convenient.
  • The advanced nanotechnology catches up to heat within a very short time and evenly distributes it to all parts of your hair.
  • There are no side effects of curling with the iron.
  • The advanced ceramic technology makes it a great experience.
  • The handle has a non-slip grip.
  • It curls hair quickly and effectively without creating any fuss.
  • The durable design is quite convenient for styling.
  • It might be a little difficult to carry around.
  • It snags a lot of hair.


4. NUME Octowand- Curling Irons for Short Hair

NUME Octowand- Curling Irons for Short Hair

Would you like a curling tool that is solely made for short hair? An appliance that can do a lot more than just provide you with a hairstyle. NUME Octowand is a curling tool that has 8 interchangeable barrels made for your convenience.

These barrels are manufactured with ceramic that not only heats up quickly but also has the ability to evenly distribute heat to all parts of your body.

It is manufactured with one of the best technologies that are great for styling as well as protecting your hair from any damages that occurred with this appliance.


  • The curling iron is manufactured with tourmaline ceramic technology that gives you a frictionless process throughout whilst emitting infrared heat that evenly distributes heat to all parts.
  • The negative ions emitted from the technology retain all the moisture and reduce the entire frizz from the hair.
  • There are 8 barrels present in the packaging which have sizes like 13mm, 19mm, 25mm, 32mm, reverse, pearl, 25mm cone, and 19mm cone barrel along with the base of the curling wands.
  • It has a heat resistant glove that protects you from any burns.
  • Travel case for traveling.
  • The infrared technology makes the heat reach all the way to the follicles.
  • The highest temperature the curling iron can go up to is 450 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • It has an automatic shutting off system where the appliance shuts off after 60 minutes of no use.
  • The dual voltage is 110v-240v.
  • It offers 8 interchangeable barrels made for your convenience.
  • The temperature range of the curling iron is 170 degrees to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • It has dual voltage as well.
  • The protective heat gloves make it incredible to avoid the damages.
  • It has a 7 ft. cord.
  • There isn’t any spring clamp to catch your hair into the curling iron.
  • If you are a beginner then you might have a problem using it.


5. Small Barrel Curling Iron- Curl Iron for Short Hair

Small Barrel Curling Iron- Curl Iron for Short Hair

The small barrel curling iron has an incredible performance and is manufactured with a lot of thorough speculation of a person’s hair needs. This small barrel works best on short hair due to the barrel’s length and its storing capabilities.

It is made with great precision and has a long-lasting styling effect. No matter where you go, the results created won’t ever disappoint you!

The unisex design is what makes it incredible for anyone’s use. Even the beginners have no issues carrying out the curling process.


  • The ceramic barrels heat up quite quickly and efficiently, making bouncy shiny curls.
  • There are adjustable temperature settings from 80 degrees to 230 degrees which you can adjust according to your hair type.
  • The wand has a loose tip due to which you can get tight and loose wavy curls.
  • The unique curler has a dual voltage of 110v-240v.
  • The handle of the curling wand is very easy to use and has a great tip as well.
  • The cord of the appliance is 2.7mm long and can be taken anywhere with its full rotating feature.
  • You can easily store and take it anywhere with you.
  • There is an anti-burn protection feature that will protect it from any damages.
  • Heat can easily adjust without any hindrances.
  • It is a unisex appliance with versatile abilities.
  • The durability may be a bit compromised.


6. CHOPSTICK STYLER- Best Curling Wand for Short Hair

CHOPSTICK STYLER- Best Curling Wand for Short Hair

If you have a curling iron that gives you a lot of grief and doesn’t work on your short hair then you might want to reconsider because CHOPSTICK STYLER will give you THAT experience and more.

It offers the best quality of features that are probably never seen anywhere with others in the market. It provides you with the best professional you’ll ever see.

Manufactured with a user-friendly design and durability, you are bound to get a salon-worthy experience!


  • The performance is worth all the money you’ve spent on the curling iron.
  • It has many versatile properties.
  • There are many adjustable temperatures that go from 250 degrees to 410 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • It has a great ability to heat up quickly and effectively.
  • The 5-year warranty from the company is an ease of mind on its own.
  • It has many safety features which include burn injury protection, controllable wand grip, etc.
  • The iron is lightweight with an easy-grip to handle the curling iron.
  • Very much user-friendly.
  • It has customizable temperatures for your convenience.
  • Can be used over long and short hair.
  • The design is very much safe and secure.
  • It might not be ideal to use thin hair.
  • The barrel can snag hair while you’re curling it.


7. Drybar- Curling Wand for Short Hair

Drybar- Curling Wand for Short Hair

Want a curling iron with results that last forever? Drybar the 3-day bender is the “one” for you. Despite its off the roof pricing, the appliance is durable and forms definite curls that last for a very long time.

The easy handling and performance make the experience of curling that much more special. Rotate it around making the roofy exterior a great way to form.

This might be an expensive purchase but you won’t regret a single penny after use.


  • The 3-day bender has a 1’’ rotating clamp that would help in providing the fastest achievable results that last a long time.
  • It is manufactured with ionic technology that reduces frizz and leads to a lot of shine, the infrared technology heats the locks from within, giving them a healthy-looking glow.
  • The digital temperature controls provide you a customizable experience.
  • It has a 60 min automatic shutting off the system.
  • The cord is 9 ft. in length.
  • The company has given a 2-year warranty.
  • Suitable for each and every type of hair.
  • It is very lightweight.
  • Made with advanced technologies that won’t harm your hair.
  • The negative ions emitted provide moisture to the strands.
  • It might be a little complicated to handle.


8. Paul Mitchell- Short Hair Curling Iron

Paul Mitchell- Short Hair Curling Iron

Want to achieve looks that go from a red carpet glam appearance to a casual beachy hairstyle? Paul Mitchell pro has one of the best features of all.

The 1.25’’ barrel gives you a lot of room to handle those short beautiful locks, giving them the best treatment ever. The multiple heat settings are another plus of the curling iron.

The advanced technology within the iron retains all the moisture, nourishing your hair to perfection.


  • The barrel heats up very quickly.
  • The highest temperature it can go up to is 430 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The gold titanium within the surface distributes all the heat evenly to all parts.
  • For safety, there is a long cool tip and a proper handling grip that is perfect for comfort.
  • It has a dual voltage due to which you can take it anywhere.
  • There is a spring for tool longevity which makes it durable.
  • The far infrared technology gives out all the heat to each part of your hair.
  • The ceramic barrel heats up the iron quickly without much effort.
  • The curling iron is travel friendly.
  • It has an automatic shutting off the system as well.
  • There are multiple temperature settings in the curling iron.
  • It has a very expensive price range.
  • The curling iron doesn’t have any silicone or tourmaline material to reduce any damages.


9. Sultra The Bombshell Rod- Wave Iron for Short Hair

Sultra The Bombshell Rod- Wave Iron for Short Hair

The Sultra bombshell curling iron is one of the best appliances in the market. It has great working properties where the ceramic technology enables it to quickly catch up to the heat and protect it from any burning damages.

The dual-heater system will style your hair incredibly well without creating any hindrances.

It is one of the easiest appliances to work with and no matter how damaged or dull your hair is, it will bring back its beauty!


  • The Sultra bombshell curling iron is manufactured with advanced ceramic technology that not only heats up the barrel quickly but protects it from damages as well.
  • This iron is suitable for every type of hair as it enhances its qualities and gives you shiny, frizz-free results.
  • The healthy, smooth curls last for a very long time.
  • For your safety and security, the iron comes with a bombshell clip-less styling glove for heat protection.
  • It has durable properties with a very lightweight design.
  • There is an automatic shutting off the system.
  • The curling iron has a 9 ft. cord as well.
  • You can use it very easily without getting confused.
  • Heats up very quickly.
  • The curling results last for very long.
  • It has a universal voltage where you can take the appliance anywhere you want.
  • It does not work well with wavy hair.

Buying Guide for Best Curling Iron for Short Hair 2021

Curling irons are a great life-saver as well as a time-saver especially if you’re a working woman. If you can’t fit in “styling your hair” into your busy schedule then you might want to choose an appliance that can form any style you want without wasting time in the process. However, before you choose that hair tool make sure that you know everything that needs to be known about it. There are multiple factors that deal with this, these include:

Size of barrel:

The kind of curls you want depends on your preference and occasionally on the length of your hair. A barrel comes in many sizes suitable for different curling hairstyles. For short hair, it might be ideal to choose a barrel with a smaller size for tight curls. Or even a large barrel for loose curls.

However, if we think about the type of hair then you might want to choose a smaller barrel for thin or flat hair so that your curls look healthy and voluminous even after they open up. Choose a larger barrel for thick hair so that you can fully curl all your hair and make it last for a long time.

Temperature settings: 

Like any other hairstyling tool, make sure that you select a curling iron that has multiple temperature settings. These settings can be adjusted according to the type of hair you have. For thin hair choose a setting below 200 degrees Fahrenheit and above 300 degrees for thick hair. These will ensure a safe and defined way of curling hair. This way you will easily form curls without worrying about its consequences.


Curling irons are made with many different materials that enhance the quality of your curls and make them great for styling. There are many popular materials that only focus on the styling but reassure a safe and secure use of such appliances.

Ceramic curling irons heat up the barrel quickly in order to have fast defined curls while tourmaline helps in reducing frizz from your hair no matter how coarse it is, and shield it from any heat burns you might face in the process. These two materials are usually combined to get the best of both worlds.

Then come gold and titanium coated curling irons. These irons are great conductors of heat due to which curling iron heats up very quickly and very high. However, it doesn’t treat damages well which shows that whatever you do there is no security of heat burning protection.

A curling iron or wand: 

Whichever type of curling appliance you would want to choose solely depends on you. A curling iron has a clip that holds your hair in place so that the strands don’t interfere with the curing process. Curling doesn’t have a clip which some do prefer as they might not be used to such a feature.

The shape of curling iron:

A curling iron comes in many shapes which include conical, straight, spiral, pearl, or double or triple barrels which might be preferred by some. It is up to you whichever one you would like to purchase from the market.

You just have to keep your comfort and convenience in mind when you go shopping for a curling iron.


When you look for a curling iron make sure that you choose one which has some extra accessories for styling. The package should consist of a heat protectant glove and a cool tip so that there is a safe and secure process of curling. These bonus details are quite essential for you to have in the curling iron.


The top 3 best curling iron for short hair are Remington CI9538 curling wand, ghd Curling Iron, and the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron.

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