Best Hair Straightener 2021 [Flat Iron]

Have you ever been all dressed up, ready to go out but the one thing that was stopping you, was your rowdy mess of a hair refusing to cooperate? And at that time all you need is the best hair straightener 2021 so that it won’t take you hours on end to tame and style it, into some semblance of a hairstyle. That will never happen if you have the patience and the right state of mind to tackle this process. And at this point, you don’t even care how it turns out because you just want to end the misery somehow by just desiring to have the best flat iron 2021.

It’s the wish of everyone to have the right tools and accessories for the sleek, majestic look, wanted for the night. Well, wish no more, because you are about to get educated about the kinds of flat iron that can not only straighten your hair but can curl and wave it whichever way you want. It’s time to say goodbye to frizzy, dry hair, and introduce yourself to the world of easy stylish beauty!

You have to be very careful when you choose the right and best straightener as your hair life depends on it. This will ensure that you aren’t using any materials that could damage your hair.

Things to look into before picking the best hair straightener 2021

Choosing the “one” hair straightener that will be the answer to all your questions, is a tricky business. You don’t just happen to buy a good hair straightener that might fulfill all your needs. It’s not something that you just stumble upon, it’s what needs to be thoroughly assessed and analyzed before concluding. All the pain of going out with frizzy, out-of-control that you later on cry over, might be worth it.

You first need to be aware of what type of hair you have and things that might suit it. Every head has different needs as every head has a different texture. This way, you won’t be putting your hair in the line of fire without being aware of the consequences. Keeping the hair-texture concerns aside, the most important factors that you need to consider are:

Price: Do you want an affordable and best hair straightener 2021that might be able to get the job done, or one with a high-price range from other luxury brands like Babyliss, Harry Josh, and GHD, etc. So that they don’t give you trouble once a while and work for years.

Cut downtime: Would you preferably want the best hair straightener 2021 that reduces priming time by having large plates that heat up quickly without much preparation. Or one that will take time to heat up but might be less damaging to your hair. A good hair straightener is either made up of tourmaline, ceramic material, both or infrared.

It depends on which one you want to choose. A tourmaline plate heats up quickly with speed and strength but does more damage than a ceramic plate.

A combination of tourmaline and a ceramic plate leads to the development of negative ions that moisturize and condition your hair. Irons infrared with ceramic plates, produce negative ions, and prevent visible harm by heating your hair inside out.

Colored or damaged hair: Hair that is either colored or damaged might need more care to handle which can make you hesitant in using a particular product that might further damage it to a point where there’s no going back.

For this, you need to consider a steam straightener or one that has multiple settings. This way you can adjust the heat to your suitability without damaging your hair.

Also, you can straighten your hair at home quite easily by following the steps written in this article on how to use a hair straightener at home?

Over the years, there have been advances in technology that have made life certainly easier. Currently, in the development of best hair straighteners 2021, the evolution of technology has erased whatever concerns people had regarding the product including the factors above. We are going to look at the top-rated straightener or flat irons that have been developed over the years.

Our Top Picks

HSI-Best Hair Straightener

HSI Professional Glider- Best hair Straightener

  • Heat goes up to 450°F
  • Long wire
  • Effective Argon oil treatment


GHD’s Platinum- Best Hair Iron

GHD’s Platinum+ Professional Performance 1” Styler-best hair iron

  • Personalized product
  • 70% less damage
  • Provides 20 times more gloss


BIO IONIC-Best Straightener Brand

BIO IONIC 10x Pro Styling and straightening Iron 1 inch-Best Straightener Brand

  • Easy to handle
  • Automatic shutting off
  • Long cord


Top 13 Best Hair Straightener 2021

In this comparison table, we have listed the top 13 best hair straightener 2021.

NameRatingCheck Price
HSI Professional Glider⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
GHD’s Platinum⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
BIO IONIC 10x Pro Styling⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
T3 SinglePass⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Agave Healing⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Conair Ionic steam flat iron⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Drybar brush crush⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
CHI air expert classic⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Babyliss pro mini⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Harry josh pro tools⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Crocs classic black titanium⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Revlon one-step hairdryer⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Remington 1'' flat iron⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

1. HSI Professional Glider- Best Hair Straightener

HSI Professional Glider-Best Hair Straightener

This professional glider ceramic hair straightener is the most popular straighteners sold on Amazon. Its capability to give even rowdiest of hairs, the right treatment, is impressive on its own.

The flat iron has ceramic plates with 4 heat microsensors, 2 on each plate that provides equal amounts of heat to your hair.

As the plates are ceramic, they’ll take time to heat up and do less damage to the strands. This way the negative ions will moisturize and nourish your hair into perfection, giving it a shiny, sleek appearance.


  • Glider flat iron with ceramic plates.
  • Temperature settings are between 200-450°F.
  • In the attachments, there’s a heat protection glove that will prevent any burns from happening.
  • It also consists of a travel pouch where you can keep the iron while you’re traveling.
  • There is a guiding copy that will lead you through the steps of working through an iron.
  • It also contains an argon oil sample for treatment which is a bonus.
  • The heat goes up to 450°F giving it quick healthy straightening.
  • The wire is long enough to not get tangled up.
  • The argon oil treatment is extremely effective and does a great job of absorbing itself into the strands leaving them shiny and moisturized.
  • Some showed concern related to no automatic stopping of the iron.
  • other than that there are no known drawbacks of the product.


2. GHD’s Platinum- Best Hair Iron

GHD’s Platinum+ Professional Performance 1” Styler-Best Hair Iron

This revolutionized smart straightener is proof of where advanced technology has taken us. It’s a personalized product that is suitable for all hair kinds and is a step forward in the world of beauty.

It adapts to the needs of your hair by ensuring that the temperature does not budge from its optimum level.

It discerns the size and wavelength of your hair, personalizing the speed and heating process of the iron so that the client can get the best results.


  • It consists of ceramic plates that ensure smooth, silky hair.
  • There is a heat resistant protective plate guard that helps with the portability.
  • The voltage is universal as it can be used wherever in the world you travel.
  • Unlike the previous flat iron, this one has an automatic sleep mode where the iron stops working after 30 minutes of non-use.
  • The optimum temperature for styling is 365ºF.
  • The cord is 9 ft long which prevents detangling.
  • Personalized product
  • It provides 70% less damage and breakage to hair
  • It provides 20 times more gloss and shines than normal flat iron.
  • Expensive


3. BIO IONIC 10x Pro- Best Straightener Brand

BIO IONIC 10x Pro Styling and straightening Iron 1 inch-Best Straightener Brand

If you have fine hair that needs proper straightening, without harming any part of it, then bio ionic 10x Pro is the right choice for you.

It has slim, vibrating plates that hydrate your strands by giving out water mineral rocks from the plates. These will protect your strands from the constant heat coming out of the iron and hydrating it in the process so that it doesn’t become dry.

The round edges of the iron provide a clear way to straighten out your roots so that there aren’t any crease marks left. Moreover, the whole heating up process speeds up the ironing, giving the whole routine 10 minutes to work.

For more details, you can check the other article on the best curling wand for fine hair.


  • The product consists of vibrating plates.
  • The plates give off water-emitting mineral rocks that hydrate your hair.
  • The maximum temperature goes up to 450F.
  • There are bio-ceramic heaters in the plates that provide a constant supply of heat.
  • The voltage has dual power from 120-220 volts.
  • It is comfortable to handle and has a purposeful design.
  • Has an automatic shutting off the system.
  • The cord is very long.
  • It has proper heat settings and temperature levels.
  • Has a high price range
  • It is noted that the iron is not suitable for thick, curly hair as it cannot handle straightening it.
  • Some reviews have mentioned that the vibration does not affect their type of hair.


4. T3 SinglePass X- Best Falt Iron

T3 SinglePass X 1.5-Inch Wide Flat Iron-Best Falt Iron

This single-pass iron is suitable for thick, curly long hair that needs a lot of time and effort to tame and straighten out into a glossy, sleek style.

Say goodbye to hours of straightening and straining muscles and welcome the new T3 SinglePass flat iron with 1.5-inch wide plates. This structure heats up quickly and speeds up the process of straightening.


  • It has 1.5 inch wide plates that carry 50% more power than a 1-inch plate.
  • There are 5 heat levels from 260-410°F.
  • Internally, there is a microchip that manages the temperature of the plates.
  • There is an automatic universal voltage.
  • The iron shuts down after 1 hour of work.
  • In the attachments, there are 2 clips for sectioning.
  • There is an automatic heating system which digitally manages the temperature and prevents your hair from further damage.
  • Gets the job done quickly and efficiently.
  • The length of the cord is 9 ft.
  • The product lasts for a very long time.
  • It has a high price range.
  • The packaging does not have a travel bag.


5.  Agave Healing Vapor Iron- Good Hair Straightener

Agave Healing Oil’s Healing Vapor Iron-Good Hair Straightener

As the name suggests, Agave’s healing vapor iron provides healing services to your hair. Flat irons can damage your hair all the while creating split-ends. This vapor iron straightens your hair without any resistance all the while nourishing and giving out moisture to your roots.

Moreover, the cartridge present in the straightener is filled with Agave infusion that conditions your hair and gives it room to breathe.

The flatiron absorbs the infusion into the strands, all the while making it healthy and silky with no damaging heat involved.


  • The flatiron consists of lightweight conditioners that protect your hair from heat.
  • The infrared heat coming out of the NanoIonic iron plates are coated with moisture.
  • There is a removable cartridge that is filled with the Agave infusion.
  • Extremely suitable for out-of-control, dry hair.
  • Here is manageable, no matter the texture.
  • The treatment is less harmful than other treatments like keratin.
  • It also produces very fewer fumes.
  • Very effective.
  • Some have reviewed that the smell of the healing oil turned out to be quite bothersome.
  • The oil did not last for long.
  • The iron does not work for long periods.


6. Conair Ionic- Best Flat Iron for Thick Hair

Conair Ionic steam flat iron-Best Flat Iron for Thick Hair

The Conair ionic steam flat iron uses steam as an intensifier to enrich your hair with a silky, glossy look. The tourmaline, ceramic plates glide through your hair, coating it with a protective heat layer that won’t be able to damage your hair.

In addition to this, the ionic steam coming out of the plates fill the strands with a conditioning infusion that locks up within the follicles through the heat.

This leads to impeccable results where your hair turns into a shiny, silky mass. The moisture provided by the steam hydrates your hair, preventing it from drying.


  • The flat iron consists of 3-positioning combs.
  • The tourmaline ceramic plates provide minimum damage to your hair.
  • The highest temperature that the heat can go up to is 455°.
  • The straightener heats up in 30 seconds, quickly and speedily giving results.
  • There is an automatic shutting off of the system.
  • The product has a 5-year long warranty.
  • It is a combination of technologies to give you the best results.
  • The comb present in the attachments gives equal distributions of your hair.
  • The casing is very attractive.
  • The Flat iron does not give off as much steam as other steam straighteners.


7. Drybar brush- Best Flat Iron for Curly Hair

Drybar brush crush heated straightening brush-Best Flat Iron for Curly Hair

Drybar is one of the top best beauty brands of all time. Its new technology of turning a flat iron into a straightening brush gives it a unique look. The heating up of the flat iron with the paddle brush provides effortless shiny conditioned hair.

The flat iron is made up of ionic technology that provides protection to your hair and secures the cuticles without breakage.


  • The combination of a flat iron and a paddle brush provides impeccable frizz-free results.
  • It uses ionic technology to give shine and conditioning to your hair.
  • The straightening brush takes 60 minutes to automatically shut off.
  • The length of the cord is 9 ft.
  • The product has a 2-year warranty.
  • The heat goes up to 450°F.
  • Straighteners hair quickly and effectively.
  • Doesn’t take up much of your time and effort.
  • Provides great results that last up to a long time.
  • The brush crush only heats up in the center and not around the edges which makes it difficult to straighten out short hairs at your neck or the side of your head.
  • Doesn’t work as an actual brush, you have to hold a section of your hair and glide the brush through it a few times.


8. CHI air expert- Best Flat Iron for Fine Hair

CHI air expert classic tourmaline ceramic 3-in-1 styling iron-Best Flat Iron for Fine Hair

This CHI 3-in-1 design hot iron provides multiple services that anyone can benefit from. It has a tourmaline-ceramic technology that combines with the far-infrared heat to produce an intense wave of negative ions. These ions infuse themselves into the hair locks, conditioning them to become soft and silky.

The versatile capabilities of the iron alone, are a big selling point of this product. The shape and heating levels can easily help you style your hair any way you want. You can straighten, curl, and wave your hair effortlessly without any problem.


  • A 3-in-1 design is worth the charges.
  • Heating settings will warrant you to experience all hairstyles.
  • The maximum heat-up of the inner plates is 425°F and the outer plates are 410°F.
  • It consists of a dual voltage which makes it portable.
  • The ceramic plates are extremely useful.
  • The Iron is user-friendly and is comfortable to handle.
  • The cord is 10 meters long which makes it easier to use the iron without tangling.
  • The advanced technology present in the straightener is based on anti-damaging techniques.
  • It does not heat as quickly as other flat irons.


9. Babyliss pro-mini- Top-Rated Hair Straightener

Babyliss pro mini straightening iron with a travel pouch-Top Rated Hair Straightener

If you travel too much and don’t stay in one place for long then Babyliss’s pro mini iron is the best traveling straightener you’ll ever use. It is dual-voltage, which means it can be used anywhere in the world with the right adapter.

Despite its small size, it throws one hell of a punch which means that it has the same powerful abilities as any other normal-sized straightener.

The nano titanium plates heat up to 430-degrees, providing the same results as any other top-listed hair straightener. Even with a six-inch body and half-inch plates, this straightener can work on any type of hair, be it thick or curly.


  • The straightener consists of nano titanium+ceramic plates.
  • It heats up speedily, up to 440°F.
  • It comes with a travel pouch.
  • The iron is dual-voltage.
  • As it has a very small size, it can reach the roots quite fully preventing any crease marks.
  • It consists of a heat resistant carrying case.
  • It is light and takes up a very small space.
  • It does not have a swiveling cord.
  • Takes time to straighten out long hair due to the small size of the plates.
  • There is an automatic shutting off of the system.


10. Harry josh pro- Best Flat Iron for Damaged Hair

Harry josh pro tools ceramic flat styling iron-Best Flat Iron for Damaged Hair

Harry josh pro tools straightener is one of the best styling irons ever-present on the list. The ceramic plates heat up in no time, cutting down the straightening process.

The large size of the plates provides a big contribution to the results as the size and personalized heat settings give more room to the iron to work its magic.


  • The advanced technology is digital and is involved in the speed/heat process.
  • The temperature ranges from 235°F–425°F, keeps adjusting according to the hair type.
  • There are nano tourmaline/ceramic plates that give out negative ions to soothe and nourish your hair.
  • The large ceramic heaters play an important role in providing heat to every part of your hair.
  • There is a 360° swivel cord that is easy to handle.
  • A heat resistant pouch is present in the attachments.
  • It can straighten or curl your hair without much effort.
  • It is made with the intention of not damaging hair.
  • There temperature settings that are customized.
  • It is expensive.


11. Crocs classic black- Best Flat Iron for Curling Hair

Crocs classic black titanium 1.5-inch flat iron-Best Flat Iron for Curling Hair

This is croc’s one of the finest products. This classic black titanium flat iron works amazingly giving out the best salon-worthy results.

Keeping in mind the damages that a heating system can cause, this flat iron is made up of ceramic plates that emit negative ions along with far-infrared heat. This combination ensures that no damage or dryness will occur during or after the styling process.

It also has several temperature settings that range from 280-450 degrees. Moreover, many stylists use it for keratin treatment as well.


  • The titanium plates provide a smooth gliding process which easily cuts downtime.
  • Ceramic plates prevent heat damages.
  • There are 17 temperature settings which range from 280-450 degrees.
  • The product also has a dual-voltage 110-240 volts.
  • It has an automatic shutting off system where the flat iron shuts down in 40 minutes.
  • As the product is from a well-known brand so the quality might help its long-lasting use.
  • The capabilities of the product justify its price range.
  • User-friendly and comfortable to work on.
  • Has a quick heating up process.
  • It will not harm your hair.
  • It has the chance to catch on fire so you have to be careful while gliding it along your strands.
  • The appearance of the product is quite bulky.


12. Revlon- Best Professional Hair Straightener

Revlon one-step hairdryer and styler-Best Professional Hair Straightener

Revlon’s one step hairdryer and styler is a 2-in-1 product and one of the bestselling items on amazon. The brush can straighten as well as give you the power of a blow dryer. Making it easy for you to style your hair whichever way you want.

The bristles on the brush not only untangle the wet and twisted strands but also nourishes it with the negative ions coming out of the surface. This way you get the ultimate shine and softness of your hair.


  • It provides drying and styling at the same time.
  • There are 2 heat settings
  • The cold shot is present in the product.
  • Used with ionic technology.
  • It uses 1100 watts of power.
  • The unit works on 120 volts.
  • The brush head is made up of fine bristles that untangle strands quickly and efficiently.
  • There is an ALCI safety plug present within the product.
  • The air vents in the brush, are extremely innovative.
  • The brush head is extremely wide.
  • The brush is very noisy.


13. Remington- Top hair straightener

Remington 1'' flat iron with anti-static technology-Top hair straightener

This is Remington’s anti-static flat iron that effectively uses this energy to get the ultimate results.

It is the cheapest straightener on the list and uses titanium plates to quickly heat the iron within 30 seconds. This way the flat iron will give shiny, smooth hair with little to no damage in its wake.

Tons of positive reviews have shown that the thin shape of the iron makes it easy for you to style your hair any way you want.


  • The floating plates are of 1 inch which helps a lot in the gliding process.
  • The anti-static technology prevents any static from developing in the wet hair.
  • Ceramic plates protect from heat.
  • The titanium plates are used for styling and heating.
  • The temperature can go up to 410°F
  • It heats up in 30 secs.
  • There are digital controls present in the iron.
  • The highest temperature is 410°F
  • It has a big size.


Picking up the Best Hair Straightener 2021; Buying Guide

To choose the best hair straightener 2021, you’ve ever come across, you need to consider some basic factors that play an important part in finding the right flat iron.

Hair type:

The first thing you need to do before buying a hair straightener is to educate yourself on the kind of hair you have. Then you need to know the amount of heat it can handle before any damage can be done to it. Several straighteners indicate which type of hair they’re made for because no doubt hair straightening is an art.

Moreover, there are others as well that might be suitable for any type of hair. The heating settings and the type of plates, are details that you should know about before looking for a straightener. This way you’ll have an idea about the specifications mentioned in the description box.

Heating settings:

If the temperature is fixed for example, at 370F then there is no way to change or adjust it to your suitability. You are stuck on a temperature established by the manufacturers, which might be ideal for you if you have normal, thick, or wavy hair with a medium length.

Other than that, some straighteners have heat settings that help you adjust the temperature according to the needs of your hair. This way, you will have fewer chances of damaging or dehydrating your strands.

The price range is another factor that you consider everything according to your budget while buying the best hair straightener 2021.

Low-price range:

If you have a low budget then you will look for affordable straighteners. Cheap flat irons might be low on quality but they do work well. Even if you have to pass the iron through your hair multiple times, it gets the job done in the end. But doing that will leave your hair vulnerable to heat and dryness.

High-price range:

Now, with a high price range, you have a lot of options. As several beauty brands are high on the best-selling flat iron list. These will ensure that you have soft and shiny hair without any damages or dryness.

Technologies and plate materials:

There are several heat adjustment technologies and materials that maintain heating temperature. Some of them are:

Ceramic: This material is non-corrosive and is a conductor of heat. It conducts heat evenly into itself, giving it off to each strand the same way. In addition to this, it produces heat with less intensity, reducing any damages that might be possible.

Titanium: this type of flat irons are light and easy to work with. They’re long-lasting and quick to catch heat. The heating up time is at least 30 seconds or less. Moreover, they can be used on all hair types and save a lot of time.

Infrared: This is a heating method that produces invisible light at a particular wavelength. This Beam of light works directly on the surface of your hair. Cutting down the heat up process.

Nano: these are tiny particles embedded on the surface of the plates. They work with the material of the plates, enhancing the straightening process.

Tourmaline: This material produces strong negative ions when heated up, neutralizing the positive ions present on the surface of your hair.

Ionic: Ionic technology is another method that is similar to tourmaline as it also produces negative ions. This also means that they can generate more irons.

Voltage: If you travel a lot you need to consider the nature of the voltage. Dual voltage is the most suitable for people who travel a lot. This means that your straightener can be used anywhere in the world.


By reviewing the best hair straightener 2021 available in the market, we have finalized that these three i.e HSI Professional Glider, GHD’s Platinum, and BIO IONIC 10x Pro are without a doubt the best straightener to style your hair according to your imaginations.